2022 / Architecture / Cityscapes

Anfiteatro Flavio

  • Photographer
    Marco Corso
  • Agency / Studio

The Colosseum is the symbol that represents Italy in the world. Built between 39 and 79 after Christ by the emperor Flavius Augustus. Born with the name of Flavian Amphitheater and over time became the C

My name is Marco Corso, 46 Italian from Verona. Since the beginning of the 90s I started studying photography and I never stopped. I have participated in collective and personal exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad (Rome-Florence-Venice-London-Hamburg-New York). I've always made photography my passion, what we shoot, every time we click, a part of our experience will be present in that shot. Photography describes our emotions, joys and fears, society is undergoing an important change, in the heart and on the streets. One of my most challenging projects is to capture the be beauty around