2022 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

Household Magic Faculry

  • Photographer
    Natasha Yankelevich

I like the enthusiasm and good nature of the caroling tradition.Maslenitsa and Christmastide days are always a time of transformation,an unstable time when you can dress up in a carnival,sing and kindly bully each other.The words spoken at this time,perhaps,will direct us and the surrounding reality in some other direction - where there is a lot of delicious food on the table,loved ones are always nearby and luck will never leave our home.I think this way of conjuring oneself and reality is extremely effective and very joyful,which is of course important.?ollaboration with "Okrutniki" theatre.

Natasha is the photographer and designer from Moscow. She was born in Nov. 1, 1988. In 2005 she entered the Russian Tourism University deciding to learn graphic design. Also she was inspired by the processes of photo industry, so started her way as a photographer. Since that time Natasha took part in numerous projects - ?reative and fashion shootings, magazine's publications, exhibitions. The main thing in her photography is to get a real emotion, that can be understandable for everyone. It is the little stories about thoughts, senses and invisible miracles, on way to yourself.