2022 / Portfolio / Fine Art (Non-Pro)

Home of The Bajau Laut

  • Photographer
    Chung Yow

The “Bajau Laut” ethnic group are sometimes been called the nomadic sea gypsies. They are group of people live on a seaborne lifestyle and usually live on wooden vessels, houseboats and tree trunks stilt houses on the shallow coral reefs. Today, Bajau Laut are scattered freely in the borderless of north-eastern Sabah, Malaysia and southern Philippines. Their main sources of living are fishing activities.

I am self-taught photography hobbyist. I like to travel, and I like photograph what inspires me, or what I think will be an interesting reminder of this exact point in time. I strive to capture moments and what my heart sees, and listen to the nature tells. I am interested in streets, landscape and human interests photography.