2022 / Fine Art / Nudes

Indecent Exposure

  • Photographer
    Jens Lucking
  • Agency / Studio
    Jens Lucking Photography Inc.

In the first image of the work-in-progress Indecent Exposure series, Britta exposes herself to passers-by, drawing confused looks of outrage and puzzlement from Hackfressenhausen's locals and visitors alike. The town's nickname stems from its inhabitants' reputation for being easily offended and commonly looking disgruntled. The photographer's experimental approach shows a number of onlookers confirming the above stereotype this area of Germany is burdened with. The two other images follow the original concept, one having been shot on London's Blackfriars Bridge, the other in a German forest

Growing up in a small, picturesque town half-way between Berlin and Amsterdam, Jens fell in love with photography at an early age. Obsessed with exotic cars, he kept borrowing his father's Mamiya to create lasting memories of Italian beauties in the Seventies. Ever since his uncle presented him with a $5 Agfamatic Pocket for his tenth birthday, Lucking has not left the house without a camera. Drawn by the terrible cuisine and wet weather, he moved to London in 1996 and then onto California in 2009, where he now lives with his wife and son. He continues to travel the world creating beauty.