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Judging $1.00 A Day From Your $1,200.00 Smartphone

  • Photographer
    Rico X.

So I was on a self-funded photography trip in Ghana moving from Kumasi to Cape Coast when I saw a smoke haze between the trees, “here we go again” car into full reverse, pulled up and hopped out the ride and went to see what was going on. As per usual the appearance of a big black man with his camera was intimidating and instantly peoples guard are UP, but after a little “me” style humour and charm (self-proclaimed), a few cheap jokes, the mood lightens and all of a sudden, we are “family” and they are explaining the whole palm oil making process. The End!

I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio's things that alienate many artists like me who aren't wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet. I take photos, some will like them, some will not. The End!