2022 / People / Self-Portrait (Non-Pro)

Journey That Didn'T Happen

  • Photographer
    Marta Kolodziejczyk

We got thrown into strange circumstances. A year ago, no one ever thought about the fact that he might be grounded, locked up at home, that he might be afraid to visit his family, meet friends or leave for a while. Strange times have come. The pandemic made us aware of a lot of things that no one had thought of before. How many journeys didn't happen because of Covid-19? How many trains were empty? How many planes didn't take off? How many boats were staying in the harbors?

Photographer looking for what is important and beautiful to her. In a constant pursuit of emotions, she passionately tries to find her place in the world of images. Addicted to melancholy and the past, she fights for her piece of the present. Graphic design student fascinated by visual communication, seeking to expand her knowledge in everything that concerns visual arts.