2022 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

The Inner Sea

  • Photographer
    Antonio Denti
  • Agency / Studio

Capomulini, Italy. I grew up on the island where nothing is perfect. In truth, there is something there that tidies things up a little. It is the black tongue of solidified lava that separates the inner sea from the outer sea. They are very different, the two seas. They are reigned by different laws and different ways. They hide different dangers and different treasures. When you are born in the land where nothing is perfect you understand soon that you must learn to move well in both of them as you grow up. You must learn the ways of both and develop a hand for both.

Antonio Denti is an award-winning news cameraman, in love with still photography. Born in Catania (Sicily) in 1972, he graduated as a social anthropologist at the University of London ( Goldsmiths' College and SOAS - School of Oriental and African Studies - ) but became a cameraman. He has been working for Reuters since 1998. He covered conflict and change in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Tunisia, Catalonia, Vatican events from the death of Pope John Paul II to the election of Pope Francis, the great migration crisis on land and sea, the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia.