2022 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

Afghan Children

  • Photographer
    Valter Darbe
  • Agency / Studio
    Six Degrees

The photo series of children of northen Afghanistan tribes, Khik, Krighizy. They live far from big villages and often thay have to walk many hours for going to school. Those living on the mountains follow the animals they breed and often live in leather huts with their closest parents

Born in 1962, bachelor degree in photography and master in “Science, technology and communication”. I started artistic activities in 1991 with projects focused on identity and archetypes of emotions, which was noteworthy at national and international level with solo and group exhibitions. Since 2005 I started collaborations with NGOs, currently board member of Six Degrees, an international association of war and social reporters. My most recent works deal with the condition of women in different cultural heritage, on social marginality of fragile subjects and social impacts of new "Silk Roads"