2022 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Don Hooper

Hooper is always on the lookout for trees that form interesting shapes and patterns and sit well on the horizon. From here he is able to produce an image in his signature style of combining his passion for art, as well as photography and mimic the look of silhouettes in a highly contrasted and atmospheric fashion.

Don Hooper, photographer with over 40 years’ experience, International Multi Award Winning and widely recognised within the industry; receiving accolades in London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Budapest, Tokyo and America. Specialising mainly in Black and White, his world as we see it through the lens, captures life in a contemporary form; exposing the sensitivity and beauty nature possesses. With the intention of fabricating both stillness and movement within his shots, Hooper over the years has built a diverse body of work where his creative flare and eye for the bewildering shines through.