2022 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)

Four Swans

  • Photographer
  • Agency / Studio

Snee Oosh bay was surrounded by dense fog and a misty blanket. Not a human sound or sight could be distinguished, but every so often, a silent creature of the land would make itself known through the sheen of gray and white. Fully present, our minds quiet to all thought, we sat huddled together for hours amongst the shore, watching, listening, and fully aware of the dreamlike landscape before us. Then out of the mystical abyss, four swans, in perfect succession, flew parallel to us across the surface of the water. Graceful and surreal, they glided across the sky like a painting in motion.

Vemwell exists to share the inherent stories of the natural world and humanity in their most organic forms, revealing the oneness of life on earth. Composed of two artists working as one, Ashley and Zachary Vemwell. Shortly after discovering their connection, they founded their name on their values of empathy, honesty, and mindfulness. Guided by their practices of spirituality, holistic wellness, and minimalism, their true purpose in life is to inspire the pursuit of sound mind, body, and soul, conservation of the natural world, and awareness of this shared oneness through tangible fine art.