2022 / Nature / Flowers (Non-Pro)

Seed--------The Wind Blows Its Hope and Floats It Far Away

  • Photographer
    Minghang Lai
  • Agency / Studio
    Bengal Grand Circuit 2019-PSA

In my garden?after the Desert Rose blooms, its seeds are in the flower holder. After a month of drying, it will gradually explode. When it explodes, a very brilliant picture will appear. The whole bunch of seeds, with cotton wool, sway and elongate in the breeze. , Separation, it floats to the distance with hope, and begins to sprout, grow up, and bloom again, recycling the life of nature.

I am the principal of junior high school. But I am retired. I like to take pictures. This is my first time participating in MIFA. I am very lucky to win the silver award, thanks to MIFA and the judges.