2022 / Nature / Flowers (Non-Pro)

Bottlebrush Flowers Opening

  • Photographer
    Keith Horton
  • Agency / Studio
    Keith Horton Photography

This macro photograph captures the moment when Bottlebrush (Callistemon) filaments begin to unfold from the bud. You can see two of those filaments clearly in this photo, unfurling in a meandering fashion, with anthers at their ends (top right and bottom left). If you look more closely you can also see some of the styles just starting to unwind, with stigmas at their ends (most clearly mid left).

I am a recently retired Australian Philosophy Lecturer, now transitioning to working (less formally) as a nature photographer. I take photos mostly of nature in my area, the Illawarra, south of Sydney in Australia. There's an incredible variety of ecosystems in this area – from subtropical rainforests to heaths, for example, from coastal zones to upland swamps – so there is always lots to photograph. Many of these ecosystems are under threat, though, so I hope that my photographs can play a role in their preservation.