2022 / Fine Art / Special Effects (Non-Pro)

Rooms of Mind

  • Photographer
    Diana Rubi

Rooms of Mind is a series of self-portraits that explore the intimacy of the mind through some of its processes, such as: thought, memory, decision-making, imagination, and perception. Each character develops within rooms of small dimensions, thus creating a dialogue with ourselves and directing us towards the resolution of a specific problem. Some of the pieces were inspired by works of renowned artists, such as Salvador Dali's soft clocks and Marcel Duchamp's door in his apartment (which could be open and closed at the same time) creating a paradox within the memory process.

Diana Rubi is a young fine art photographer and visual artist born in Cuba and currently living in the USA. She uses photo manipulation to create surreal scenarios that talk about emotions, dreams, as well as real and fictional stories, using mostly her body as a container of characters that embody different stories.