2022 / Fine Art / Special Effects (Non-Pro)

Pizarros Amor De Oro

  • Photographer
    Bernd Schirmer
  • Agency / Studio
    BAXCON e. K. / BYES Photograph

The story beyond Pizarros glory 13 or what he really found in 1527. A fictional story that might have happened on the edge as he conquered the south of America. Pizarro is on his way to conquering the new world and on his first trip he heard of fabulous riches in Central and South America. So after an unsuccessful 1. and 2nd expedition in 1527 with the "Roman Thirteen" (trece de Gallo) from Colombia to find the legendary gold lands in the south. When he returned to Spain via Panama, he not only brought gifts and gold from the Indians with him, but also a siren that he had captured on the way..

I'm just a hobby photographer starting in 2018. That's it.