2022 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Portrait of The Artist

  • Photographer
    Ama Nicolich
  • Agency / Studio
    Ama Nicolich

I made this portrait when I was working on my painting. I needed the image of a girl frozen in silence and waiting. I didn't find a suitable picture on the Internet and had to take pictures of myself. As a result, I made two portraits: a photograph and a painting.

I was born in Moscow. Graduated from the Stroganov Moscow Art Institute (monumental and decorative painting). I work in different areas of art: cinema, animation, photography, illustration. The central figure of my work is a man. Posture, look, facial expressions allow you to focus on the object itself, pushing the situation into the background. I explore the world around me through the eyes of others. I like to observe emotions, through them the fullness of life opens up, the world appears multifaceted, transforming into the universe.