2022 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Ironing Out The Creases of Life.

  • Photographer
    Sinead Bunn
  • Agency / Studio
    Sinead Bunn Photography

A Woman’s work is never done. This image addresses the weight of responsibility a woman carries due to the tasks inflicted on them by society. Social norms can be very heavy and weigh us humans down. Let’s be free of them or? What do you think ?

I'm a Brit living and working in Munich as a Professional Ballerina. I’m a self-taught hobby photographer and painter, with the dream of becoming an internationally projected photographer in the future. My work predominantly focuses on portraiture and self-portraiture. My photographs have sometimes a disturbing theme and can often subtly address current issues of society. My models are predominantly dancers as I love the way they can shape their bodies and can pose in far more unusual ways helping me create far more unique portrait photography than usually seen.