2022 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Lost In Thought

  • Photographer
    Adam Neuba

Lost in Thought this is how the beautiful millipede Atopochetus dollfusi appears here. The idea behind this picture was to present in a harmonious and aesthetic way the characteristic features of the centipede and the round stainless-steel plate that contrasting in their effect and sensation. These kinds of combination may at first seem provocative. However, if you look more closely, the objects do have some similarities e.g., circles or stripes. These similarities can be harmonized and merged to intensify each other with the help of a clever arrangement and sophisticated illumination.

I’ am a Paderborn based amateur photographer from Germany. I have been working intensively with photography for about 8 years. In the course of time, I discovered my passion for the small and inconspicuous things in our world and specialized in artistic close-up and macro photography.| www.adams-artgallery.com |