2022 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)

Self Soothe

  • Photographer
  • Agency / Studio

Meditating one’s inner stillness at any given time. Allowing calm to tame any turmoil within the mind, body, or soul through touch, sound, smell, sight, taste, or even thought. To simply be in a moment and release what does not serve, returning to the oneness that is all life.

Vemwell exists to share the inherent stories of the natural world and humanity in their most organic forms, revealing the oneness of life on earth. Composed of two artists working as one, Ashley and Zachary Vemwell. Shortly after discovering their connection, they founded their name on their values of empathy, honesty, and mindfulness. Guided by their practices of spirituality, holistic wellness, and minimalism, their true purpose in life is to inspire the pursuit of sound mind, body, and soul, conservation of the natural world, and awareness of this shared oneness through tangible fine art.