2022 / Fine Art / Landscape (Non-Pro)

Sunrise At Martinsloch

  • Photographer
    Eric Von Schulthess

the Martinsloch (Martins hole) is 19 m wide and 22 m high. It is under UNESCO protection. 2 x a year, during the sunrise, the sun shines exactly through this hole. 100reds of people witness this nature phaenomen. This nature phaenomen happends two times a year, March and Septermber.

I startet Fine Art Photography in Mai 2020, due to Corona. I was visiting a number of seminars, among one with Isabella Tabacci. I developped a love for Landscape photogrphy and my vision is "Bring Switzerland into People's Home" My country has so many facettes I even did not know them - I have a lot to do with my photography. In the mean time, I studied also Portrait and Nude Art photography.