2022 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

Gift Wrap

  • Photographer
    Marian Lázaro Martin
  • Agency / Studio

This series is made on wrapping paper, with its edges, its waves, its colors and shades when making folds. Photography without manipulation is already abstract in itself, but to achieve that even more painterly effect I have used a mobile application and the result is much more interesting. I always liked photography, I have boxes full of photographs. I discovered digital photography a few years ago, I started by chance to take photos of the flowers on my balcony, my photographic preferences. everything that is details, macro ...

Hi, I'm Marian, I was born in Valladolid, although my roots are Extremadura My parents emigrated to the Basque Country when I was 5 years old and that is where I have my whole life, I am married and I am a mother of two children. Photography has always been one of my greatest passions but it has not been until 5 years ago when I started to pay more attention and want to improve in my work.