2022 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Welcome to Wonderland

  • Photographer
    Yumiko Fujii

This series was obviously inspired by “Alice In Wonderland”. When I am creating a concept for this kind of fantasy world, the possibilities are limitless, because my imagination expands infinitely. However to make the story my own, I take liberties with the story line and break a few rules. For instance, everyone expects to see Alice is an adorable young maiden, but here Alice a little eccentric. I try not go completely out character, but try to create something extraordinary, dramatic even a little crazy. That is the most fun part when I develop a concept.and this is one of my favorite series

Let me introduce about myself. My name is Miko Fujii and I am an photographer based in New York. I previously worked in the music industry. Many of the skills I learned in the music industry transfer to the photo industry. They are both global languages that tell a story. One song or photograph might change your life.