2022 / Book / Documentary (Non-Pro)

Hic Et Nunc

  • Photographer
    Anna Marzia (Biba) Soria
  • Agency / Studio

The pandemic has revealed fragility, loneliness especially those of disoriented young people, afraid and blocked in their environments, it has forced them to relive spaces that they never would have thought to be vital, they have discovered places where they can savor the taste of freedom, being able to meet without harness some, where you can feel the vibrations again passing from one to the other even if distant, where you can breathe your dreams.Social relations are an essential element of our life, which cannot be replaced with digital means of communication.Here and now,young people out

Anna Marzia Soria, alias --- Biba --- freelance photographer based in Bari, always interested in photography and art. He loves a type of minimal photography in which the approach to the representation of reality takes on a more anthropological and artistic slant, sometimes documentary and in which the interaction between the natural world and the human world, even in a more conceptual sense, are at the center of his photographic story in an almost dreamlike suspension dimension.