2022 / Architecture / Interiors (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti

As a photographer of abandoned places, I often look for rooms with a dormant architectural beauty. But in some cases this beauty is not only compromised by dirt, cobwebs and clutter. When time influences the resistance of the ancient materials it happens that gravity follows its course and the ceilings (also very beautiful) collapse in the room, definitively pronouncing the end of this beauty. So I conceived as a title a play on words between "gravity", as silent and guilty force, and "grave" understood as a physical heap of material on a corpse and metaphorical end of the room.

Born in 1979, my photographic passion was born with landscape photography, a combination of adventure and photography. Since he’s fond of architectural photography, even in this case he admires the iconicity of the great works of the ancient and modern world; he feels the challenge to make the great works talk through his shots,as if they were silent, narcissistic creatures, waiting for someone to express their greatness. In 2015, the passion converges in the photography of ancient decadent places, trying to give voice to these structures full of melancholy charm, with a Caravaggio style.