2022 / Architecture / Cityscapes (Non-Pro)

Red Hook

  • Photographer
    Lisa Cutler
  • Agency / Studio
    Lisa Cutler Photography

I discovered Red Hook by chance, making a wrong turn getting off the Smith Street Train Station in Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of the next two years, I returned to photograph this urban, wonderland. I find a post industrial part of the city where the story is in the quiet details. On the surface, Red Hook seems somewhat desolate, but is in fact in a constant flux. In my photographs, I do not embellish or glorify what I see. I am interested in discovering beauty away from traditional aesthetics. There is no artifice, with each scene photographed as I have found it, trash and all.

Lisa Cutler is a New York-based photographer whose practice spans landscape,portraiture and street photography. Lisa’s most notable project is a series of photographs that explore the urban landscape of Red Hook, Brooklyn. RH was selected by The LA Center of Photography for its Project 2020 Exhibition, and by Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2020 as a Top 200 finalist. It received an Honorable Mention at the Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris (2019),and won the 2020 Julia Margaret Cameron Award for cityscapes.Another new series, "Hidden Homes" was part of the Foley Gallery 2021group exhibition.