2022 / Architecture / Cityscapes (Non-Pro)

Urban Wondering

  • Photographer
    Xavier Blondeau
  • Agency / Studio

New York, the city where everything is picture-worthy... Colours explode in the half-light of an avenue - traffic lights echo the taxis, buildings weave their web in an azure sky. The light bursts out of the darkness, as if to better underline the mystery of this city with a thousand facets - it transforms a subway station into a pictorial work, allowing our eyes to capture the instantaneity of a life. There is no more top or bottom, only a maze of windows opening onto the world.

While travelling through vast desertic places, Xavier Blondeau has been questionning the place of individuals in their environment.Since 2009 and apart from his activity as a Senior lecturer, her has focused his photographic work on the individual. It is presented and structured in photographic series and aims at addressing that question very closely. Since 2011, he has been very active and present in many exhibitions. His work is about intimacy being revealed as his various photographic series unfold.