2022 / Advertising / Self-Promotion (Non-Pro)

Shapes and Night

  • Photographer
    Betty Manousos

Illuminated block of flats which is near my house at night. I just felt quite optimistic about the future again. Despite how dreary the state of the world remains, many of us are starting to feel like we could finally live our lives again. After several lockdowns and quarantines I was happy to see this nearby block of flats illuminated. And the city all of a sudden looked way more vivid and colorful to me. Taken in Athens, Greece 202

I'm an award-winning street and documentary photographer currently based in Athens, Greece, owner and founder of CUT and DRY Blogzine, and a member of the Photographic Circle Collective. I hold a Business Administration and Marketing Degree. For me, street photography is ultimately liberating because it is an expression of my need to look at things differently. I've always been drawn to the power of imagery as a way to express my own completely subjective interpretation of what I feel rather than I see. I'm residing in Athens, and this is where the majority of my work comes from.