2022 / Science / Environment

The End of The Flight

  • Photographer
    Emanuela Colombo

Poacher is those who shoot protected species, those who hunt in times or in prohibited areas or with prohibited methods and means, those who illegally capture protected birds (and other animals). Worldwide, 6 million birds are slaughtered every week, all illegally. These species are real 'living targets' for poachers and traffickers. Poaching inevitably causes the impoverishment of ecosystems around the world and has brought several species of birds to the brink of extinction.

Emanuela Colombo (Italy, 11/09/1974) After graduating in Communication Sciences at IULM in Milan, she has worked for almost ten years in the commercial departments of several companies in the Milan area. In 2007 she decided to devote herself to her true passion and she attended to the Photography and Visual Design master at NABA, Milan. Since the beginning of 2007 she has been working for international NGOs to realize reportages and stories about their activities in Italy and abroad. Her works have been published on both national and international magazines.