2021 / People / Portrait

Rasputin Posing

  • Photographer
    Josip Miskovic

I was inspired by the famous Russian mystic Rasputin because I had seen photos in which he had this look that penetrated inside the viewer. I am sure that he had no tendency to put himself in particular poses or make facial expressions for newspaper covers at that time. I believe Rasputin's daily expression was always the same as he was photographed, without any fiction. At the time, it was customary to be incredibly serious during the photo session, photography represented something that had to remain even after us, it was not something that was done every day, it was something sacred.

My name is Josip Miskovic, I was born in 1982 in Bosnia and, in 2014 I moved to Italy - to Tuscany, specifically - where I still live. After working for several years in the entertainment industry i tried to develop my own language as a self-taught photographer, which might be able to capture the ultimate essence of reality. Photography interests me as long as it tells something that deserves to be open-minded and to reflect on, a particular face, mysterious structures, story of people and hidden fragments of human intimacy.