2021 / People / Portrait

Cinema In Venice

  • Photographer
    Matteo Chinellato
  • Agency / Studio
    IPA, NurPhoto, GettyImage

Venice has always been a city used by the cinema, as well as having the oldest film festival with its 77 years of activity. As an accredited photographer at the Venice Film Festival, I have the privilege of taking portraits and not the most famous actors, actresses and directors who come to present their work in this Festival. Also when movies are filmed in the city, I am always there to take news photos for the agencies I work with. This is a small excerpt from the hundreds of photographs I have available in the black and white photo archive of the cinema from 75 and 76 festivals of Venice

Professional photographer specializing in macro-micro mineralogical and gemmological photography for publishing in the scientific sector. Photographer for GettyImage, NurPhoto, IPA - Independent Photo Agency, Avalon - PhotoShot. Official photographer for Rivista Mineralogica Italiana