2021 / People / Life Style

Exceptional Work

  • Photographer
    Emmy Culianez
  • Agency / Studio

Hospitals are not places where people like to go with pleasure. In general, people feel lonely, sometimes suffer and want to leave as soon as possible. But this place is full of beautiful souls (the hospital staff) who are there to bring well-being, comfort, a presence to the patients. I was able to follow these angels in action, I could see their compassion, their kindness and all the support they give to people in pain. This series is a tribute to all their gestures of support.

I'm Emmy, self-taught photographer. During my travels, camera in hand, I observe the world from a different angle, with new eyes to capture the emotion that surrounds me. Whether through natural or urban landscapes or street photography, I want to share the beauty, the colors, the intensity of what I meet.