2021 / People / Family

Siorapaluk. (Long Term Project About Greenland)

  • Company
    hans lucas
  • Photographer
    Camille Michel

Siorapaluk is the northernmost village of the planet. 40 people live there, most of them hunters and families. Life is communal based on sharing and mutual aid, harmonious with nature. Proud of their culture residents try to keep their lifestyle alive as it stays threatened by the Western world. Global warming, melting ice, natural disasters, pollution. Government closes villages to gather the population in big city, accelerating with the Covid crisis. While the United States Russia and China covet Greenland, has the end of the villages? Hendriksen family welcomed me into their bright universe

Camille Michel is a french photographer who studied photography at the Arles National school of Photography. Her work addresses the relationships between human and the environment, and their respective impacts, for societies in close proxomity to nature.The influence of nature, sometimes hostile, on the way of life of men and the humain damage on the environment. What relationships do man and nature have in the 21st century ? What survives today of the traditional culture ? What is the impact of modern world ? She uses to document the daily life of populations and communities