2021 / Nature / Wildlife

Sting Among Litter

  • Photographer
    Ghaneshwaran Balachandran
  • Agency / Studio
    The Wild Naturalist

This scorpion made its way in the interiors of a gallery and I happen to be there on an assignment to photograph turtle specimens on display. I wasn't convinced about the safety of the dark wanderer with a sting, and my fellow species too so I relocated this beauty of an arachnid to a nearby tree. Before saying goodbye and going our separate ways, I took a shot. Scorpion have an evolutionary history of over 400 million years. They have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions and can be found in all continents except Antarctica. There are over 2500 described species globally.

Ghaneshwaran Balachandran is usually found in the humid rainforests of Borneo, the drylands of the Komodo archipelago or the high altitudes of the Himalayas - always in search for the next wild story. His imagery has earned acclaims from international competitions and featured by publications such as National Geographic, NatGeo Wild, DailyMail, NewsHub, among others. Ghanesh was also featured in a documentary film for National Geographic and NatGeo Wild. He is now working on a series of personal projects, both still and motion. He is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.