2021 / Nature / Landscapes

The Infrared Venetian Lagoon

  • Photographer
    Matteo Chinellato
  • Agency / Studio
    IPA, NurPhoto, GettyImage

The portfolio shows a different view of the Venetian lagoon, I think I was the first photographer to take infrared images in flight with an autogyro of the lagoon in order to show what normally cannot be seen with the naked eye, like underwater vegetation water, invisible canals called in Venetian dialect "Ghebi" and other things that normally cannot be seen also because of the opaque water present in these areas of the lagoon.

Professional photographer specializing in macro-micro mineralogical and gemmological photography for publishing in the scientific sector. Photographer for GettyImage, NurPhoto, IPA - Independent Photo Agency, Avalon - PhotoShot. Official photographer for Rivista Mineralogica Italiana