2021 / Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Ana Joveva

Usual environments, due the pandemic of Covid-19 has left dreamers with a dearth of “inspiration",less travel, seating at home, and follow all rules experiencing a new phenomenon coronavirus pandemic dreams. Living through the coronavirus pandemic might be changing that due to heightened isolation and stress, influencing the content of dreams. Lots of emotions, memories, sadness or life goals from the previous day and life stile can also influence the content of dreams. This image is one of those dreams...

MsC. Engineer Architect and Designer, Project Manager for international and domestic project, expert for designing and coordination public building and clinical hospitals projects. Last 10 years is working as a consultant and expert for new public hospitals building project in the Middle East and Europe. Currently working in MoH Macedonia, Consultant for New Hospital buildings, renovation and reconstruction projects. In love with piano playing and digital photography. Mother of one daughter, and wife of Head and First Prof. Dr. Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeon.