2021 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Inside Out

  • Photographer
    Daniela Brugger
  • Agency / Studio
    Daniela Brugger Fotografie

Inside out: modern architecture aims to bring the flair of the surrounding mountains inside the house, give the inhabitants the sensation of safe exposure. Being native to a harsh mountain environment I am used to both its beauties and threads. The day to day life requires conflating the shelter with the outside reality. Finally the inside will fade away. Thus, also my fotografic view is an inverted one. I take the inside out so that they become one.

Born in Karthaus, a small mountain village build on and around a former monastery in South Tyrol in 1967. Having grown up in this same place I still live there with my husband, a dog and two cats. I have attended the Prager Fotoschule in Linz, Upper Austria from 2013 to 2017 and completed with my diploma work with the highest marking in 2018. Since then I work as a professional photographer and have participated in 3 group exhibitions in Austria and Italy.