2021 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Cara Louwman
  • Agency / Studio
    Cara Louwman Photography

There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen This photo series is about the beauty of emotional cracks, the emotional scars I suffered in my youth. It reminds me that scars, whether visible or invisible, are proof that you have overcome your difficulties. These lacerated and restored photos represent vulnerability and are a symbol of strength and beauty. It reconciles with its past and thus becomes paradoxically stronger, more beautiful and more precious than before the laceration. The lacerated photos have been re-photographed, being exposed from the back.

Cara Louwman (The Netherlands, 1967) is a contemporary fine art photographer specialized in creating images that tells a story. Inspired by her personal memories and influenced by different cultures, she uses photography as a mean to stage an idea and to present new perspectives on contemporary subjects. Her photographs are characterized by the use of multiple layers. Sometimes literally, like her staged still lifes in her studio. She creates images that are often different from a direct representation of reality.