2021 / Fine Art / Collage

The Unanswered Question

  • Photographer
    Jack Savage
  • Agency / Studio

The greatest period of American cinema remains unequivocally-The Film Noir movement which ran from approx. 1920-1960. These photographic manipulations strive to continue the tradition creating a menacing, mysterious, shadowy monochromatic vision, providing a contemporary photographic follow on to the exciting new wave of criminological mid-twentieth century thriller. Inspired by directorial greats such as Wilder, Preminger, Lang, Welles & Siodmark, my eyes remain indebted to the shadows, exploring the complexities of flawed masculinity and hidden female sexuality set amongst violent subplots.

Jack Savage is an English fine art photographer and digital artist. Winner of Gold at Tokyo Foto Awards in consecutive years 2018/2019; Silver from The PX3 Awards and The MIFA Awards 2020. Winner of the Pangea Prize, 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award - 1st Place in the Fine Art category at The Spider Awards 2020. Over the last few years, he has exhibited his artworks internationally, in countries such as Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, Germany, USA and throughout the UK.