2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Drop Point

  • Photographer
    Takuya Yamahata
  • Agency / Studio
    Ontama project

Water spills from the cup. Spilled water spills into steam. Water vapor spills into the atmosphere. The atmosphere also spills into the clouds, which spill into the rain. Or in the snow. Powdered snow flutters in the wind and spills into the atmosphere. The spilled snow eventually moistens the soil and spills into the river. The river also spills into the ice, and the ice also spills into the river. There was an important time for me to stare at the moment of spilling. That moment also spilled into me. And it will eventually spill out of me.

1988: Born in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture. 2011: Graduated from Musashi University Faculty of Sociology, Department of Sociology. October 2016-February 2018: Study abroad in Vladivostok, Russia. I can speak Russian. After returning to Japan, he joined the darkroom [Ontama]. November 2019: Participated in "FOTOFEVER" in Paris, France as [Ontama].