2021 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Stas Bartnikas

As an aerial photographer, I haven't had much opportunity to fly over the past year. So I decided to get back down and study the world through a microscope. And there are things are humming. Like in this picture of a Vitamin C drop with 25x magnification - a real gem!

Stas Bartnikas, 47, aerial photographer based in Moscow. Photography is a serious hobby that combines his love of travelling with a passion for aviation. Past few years, he’s been actively engaged in aerial photography while flying in light aircraft and helicopters in different parts of the world. During this time he visited over 15 countries. Stas is convinced that mother nature is the most sophisticated painter and he sees it as his mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form. He calls his style of photography “aero-art”.