2021 / Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Matthew Smith

"After a time, deep in this place I found scenes I seemed to recognise, memories I seemed to own. It was still a city and it was something more than this, a garden perhaps, or another realm. No matter how far I walked, the paths and the byways never seemed to end. What was I looking for? I knew only that I was looking. Fear stalked me, though beauty appeared at every turn." Ascension is my latest photoseries. Featuring photographs taken in London, Venice, Tokyo and Los Angeles, Ascension explores the hidden territory of the mind and the heart, through the outer world of a hybrid cityscape.

I won honourable mentions at the Lucie International Photo Awards and the Moscow International Foto Awards in 2020. My photoseries Chora has been exhibited at Hagi Art, Tokyo, January-February 2020, and Landabout, Tokyo for the following year. It will be shown at Arte Spazio Tempo in Venice in April 2021. My photography has been included in group shows at ART Santa Fe, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, galleries in Portland, Minneapolis, and Venice and at the Museo di Casa Giorgione in Castelfranco. I will be part of an upcoming show at ARTEXPO 2021 in New York with NYC4PA.