2021 / Fine Art / Other

Thou Are That (Tat Tvam Asi)- A Conceptual Series

  • Photographer
    Alok Datta Sardana
  • Agency / Studio
    Alok Sardana Studios

You are dust and unto dust you shall return. She does not fear the debris ( including all people, places, perceptions, thoughts, sensations, events, experiences, and all seeming things) because the drop has to merge with the ocean.

Alok is a Colonel who is pursuing his passion of photography after spending 26 years in the uniform.Alok Sardana is a multi-hyphenate photographer-artist-author-technocrat. He is an alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy and the IIMB. He holds a B Tech and M Tech in Electronics Engineering. His engineering background enables him to use digital technology to implement his ideas of transfiguration. His Veteran background makes him comfortable in many geographies and cultures and helps him capture the idiosyncrasies of people and places.