2021 / Fine Art / Other

Crossing Lives

  • Photographer
    Nicoletta Cerasomma

This project aims to represent Andean Countries, stuck in between the Past and Future. I choose diptych as format to catch the Andean social and cultural dualism, a long time stratification of Society. Native traditions and habits are radicated in National Countries such as the Western culture and influence. During the last centuries, both cultures have lived side by side, in a permanent clash among different identities, ethnities and cultures. In some cases, differences are melted together in a new cultural tradition.

Nicoletta Cerasomma is a pop surrealist photographer, based in Lucca, Italy, with a background in staged photography. Her work is bound to an ambiguous and cinematic image-making between reality and imagination. As visual artist, her approach to photography aims to provoke contemplation and a new redefinition of commonplaces through a playful revelation of the bizarre and the uncanny. She is most known for her series "Cryptic Venus", created in 2020, which depicts women placed in suggestive scenarios.