2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay

We Always See The Sunset Twice

  • Photographer
    Gabriele Micalizzi
  • Agency / Studio

The Moscova squad, stated in Via moscova Milan the police investigation unit , a run-down office is the highest Homicide squad with an average of solved cases in Europe. The Reportage talks about the resolution of the Alves case, a transsexual sex-worker killed with 85 stabs all over his body. This is a completely crime story, which involve prostitution, drug dealing, and a cold-blooded murder. In a setting of a Milan that is far from the public imagination. A group of men full with their passion, will be able to handcuff the culprit of an atrocious act.

Gabriele Micalizzi is an Italian photojournalist, he collaborates with national and international newspapers. He is one of the founders of the Italian collective Cesura, with the photographer Alex Majoli. In 2011 he began to reporting all the events related to the "Arab Spring". In 2019, during the Kurdish offensive in the Baghuz area against the last bastion of Isis, he was wounded by an RPG rocket. In Libya he cover the arrival of Turkish troops sent to help President Al Sarraj resist General Haftar's attack. In 2020 it followed the pandemic in the most affected areas of Italy.