2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay

In That Year When...

  • Photographer
    Stefano Stranges
  • Agency / Studio
    Stefano Stranges

A long-term photographic project, divided into chapters; a tribute to the human being, the protagonist of an epochal event that changed the time and the rhythms of the daily life as we knew it. A story of new communication barriers, of places that are transformed and spaces that are converted, of absences and new presences: a story of resistance.Because not only the contamination, but all the events above, caused changes.

Italian independent photographer and photojournalist. Born in 1978, I began my professional career in 2006. In 2011 I turned my attention to the problematic social issues on the planet, so I started to collaborate with national and international NGOs. My shots capture the harsh realities that oppress contemporary society, from exploitation to civil war, passing through the disasters caused by natural calamity and climate change. I published my reports in many magazines, including Rolling Stone, Millenium, Jesus Mag, La stampa. My works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe.