2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay


  • Photographer
    Suzanne Stein
  • Agency / Studio
    Suzanne Stein Photo

Little Bit is homeless and lives on the streets of New York City. I visit her often, and have photographed her for nearly three years as she struggles to survive. She is one of many homeless people in New York City who have no official identification or birth records, who receive no public assistance or mental health interventions. Little Bit is addicted to multiple substances and was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was an adolescent. Her family wants her to return to live with them in her home state but she refuses to leave New York because she loves her life on the street.

Street/Social Documentary photographer currently in New York City. Photography of people in public places with a strong emphasis on social realism and narrative imagery that seeks to create both broad portraiture of place and time and specifically tailored images of people. Photo essays and series of daily life as well as random moments that attempt to capture life as it appears truthfully, realistically, and honestly. Images of places and people, democratically presented, without leaving anyone out.