2021 / Editorial / General News

Happiness and Loneliness

  • Photographer
    Alexandros Michailidis
  • Agency / Studio
    Freelance Photographer

A member of the medical staff holds a tablet in front of a COVID-19 coronavirus patient during a video call with relatives at the Intensive Unit Care of the Thoracic Diseases Hospital of Athens in Greece on November 5th, 2020.

Alexandros Michailidis is a photojournalist based in Brussels. Born in Volos, Greece on 1985, He graduated from the school of photography "Stereosis” (2007-2010), he also attended a seminar on photojournalism at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) in cooperation with the Foun- dation Alexia (Alexia Foundation) Thessaloniki, Greece ( 2010) and has been reporting since 2008: Phasma, Thessaloniki, Greece - 2010, SOOC – 2013 Athens, Greece. DEPO Photo Agency Istan- bul, Turkey - 2015, mainly on domestic and international news, feature stories and social issues collaborating with several int