2021 / Architecture / Cityscapes

Florence Zenith - Planimetries of A Quarantine

  • Photographer
    Stéphane Giraudeau
  • Agency / Studio
    Stéphane Giraudeau

Florence - Those spaces full of life and suffocated by mass tourism, have suddenly emptied by telling us another story. The difficult and unhappy situation of the lockdown that put us in the rare condition of being able to observe and tell the buildings, squares and monuments, leading to a reversal of our vision of the city. The aerial point of view, through zenith plans that frame the architectural subjects, allows to have a clear vision of the urban fabric, appreciating its geometry, almost totally free of the presence of man.

Photographer born in 1981. After a degree in Architecture he graduated from the International School of Photography of Florence, specializing in photojournalism at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni. He collaborates with the Department of Architecture of Florence (DiDA)as well as with several architectural firms. The passion for photography combined with research leads him to implement his knowledge with the use of the drone in the field of survey and photogrammetry. From 2018 he has a research grant at the Computer Laboratory of the Department of Architecture (LiA) in Florence.