2021 / Architecture / Buildings

Fire Escapism IV

  • Photographer
    Paul Brouns
  • Agency / Studio
    Paul Brouns Photography

Out of my ongoing series of New York fire escapes, this is a tribute to the rhythm of this fascinating city. These constructions are very characteristic for New York. On one side they are abstract compositions, but at the same time the stairs and windows provide a tangible reference to the human scale.

I am an artist from Holland and I live and work near Amsterdam. I started out as a painter and graphical artist but since the development of digital photography my camera and the computer have become my main tools for creation. Rhythm, color and geometry are recurring themes in my photographic work and architecture has proven to be an ideal subject for this. As a photographer. I am attracted by the abstract, rhythmic expression of buildings. The aim of my work is the creation of a feast of dancing shadows, sunlit reflections or colour combinations that hopefully will visually enchant you.