2021 / People / Self-Portrait (Non-Pro)

Mirror Mirror / Color Print / 110X105 Cm / 2020

  • Photographer
    Daria Konshtik

As someone born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, I deal with questions regarding the influence and convergence of Russian and Ukrainian cultures in the realm of Israeli discourse. The works name 'Mirror Mirror' derives from the famous Russian fairy tale by A. Pushkin 'The tale of the dead princess and the seven knights'. I place myself beside the Cactus painting (painted by me), as the cactus is compared to Israeli Jews, who are supposedly tough on the outside, but delicate and sweet on the inside.

Daria Konshtik was born in Ukraine in 1985. In 1995 she immigrated to Israel. Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Konshtik is a multidisciplinary artist who works with various media including painting, drawing, photography, and video-art - examining topics such as identity, gender, feminism, analytical psychology, childhood and racism. In her works, Konshtik uses a vibrant palette of colors that characterize traditional Ukrainian and Russian costumes that she combines with Middle Eastern motifs.