2021 / People / Self-Portrait (Non-Pro)

Duality- Me and Myself-

  • Photographer
    Karine Coll

Time has stood still. Linear, relentless, nothing shows this new state of choice. Only my mind knows. To escape, to flee, far away, my body splits, tries to escape. Fear of heights. I fall. Absorbed by space, I am diluted in this nothingness, time is only a question to be suspended. Tired, I surrender. There he is, this other Self who defies the limits of the flesh, duality of hidden forces, consciousness, unconsciousness, dream, reality, the projected shadows collide revealing the vanity of our condition. Ephemeral. Dispossessed. I surrender.

Madly in love with the arts in the broad sense, greedy for words,stories, eager for esthetic experiences, passionate about theater, writing,full-time professor of letters, photographer-poet in my spare time, human being forever, Woman above all. For me, photography is the medium that allows me to get down to the essence of things, a three-step frenzied waltz in which scenography,esthetics and text all come together to create a powerful message.